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One thought on photography

Oktober 19th, 2011



As long as we can see and use our eyes we don’t have the slightest idea how much we depend on this Gate to the World. We just take it for granted. I often tried to imagine how it would be to be blind, but there are no images in your head at all when the eye can’t catch that ray of light. It is absolutly impossible to know how it is like to be without pictures, because always – from the first moment on – we experienced the world this way. And that is great – it is fantastic – it is more than we can ever say! One picture might tell more than a thousand words and this is what we want to communicate…

Since life then made me experience real blindness – caused by an accident – for only ten minutes, my conscience of what happens to us when we open our eyes has changed much more than I am able to express. So I rather share my pictures and let you people know what attracts my eyes.

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